Student Relocation / Baggage Transport

We know how hard it is when you or a member of your family is off to Uni....

All that do we move it in our small car ? 

You must have seen them on the students on their way to Uni car loaded to the roof with just enough room to turn the steering wheel and rear and side windows blocked with stuff....and yes....they are breaking the law by overloading.

K C Couriers can help by transporting all your belongings safely.


Please read ihe information below and then give us a call to help you move your belongings safely and without hassle.


Please package up each individual item in some form of protection, such as bubble wrap, cardboard, etc. Use clothes to space items out and spread heavy items, such as books across the whole package. Do not over pack the item.

Please only pack what your suitcases or cardboard box can safely hold. If an item splits it can severally damage your goods.

If you are using a cardboard box please use plenty of packaging tape (brown tape), do not use sellotape. Do not overlap the flaps of the boxes, this makes the box very weak and can spill the contents very easily.

If you are using a suitcase please make sure the suitcase is closed and all handles, straps are taped down. 

When you are ready to come home we can carry out the return trip too !



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